We’ve added this business to the million dollar destiny portfolio as it is by far one of the most exciting projects in the cryptocurrency world to date. Dascoin literally is cryptocurrency perfected! Dascoin is going to be the first cryptocurrency to make the leap into the mainstream. Dascoin is more than just a coin. The services it is going to provide worldwide, such as Daspay, smart contracts, Das financial and more make it the most complete cryptocurrency there’s ever been.

You can start your journey with Dascoin for as little as 100 euros with the top package being 25,000 euros. Below is a table that outlines how many cycles and coins you get at the current frequency (april 2017, subject to change).

There are two options open to investors at this stage.The first option is to buy a Dascoin package then once it hits exchanges and the value grows you can make yourself a very tidy profit. The second option to build a team and it is recommended by us as you can earn yourself weekly commissions by sharing the opportunity with others. There are three levels to the commission package Dascoin offers its members. First you get 10% commission from your direct referrals which is split 60/40 between cash and cycles to increase your Dascoin holdings. The second and my personal favourite bonus is the binary or network bonus. As you recruit new members you will have to place members left and right. Once you have 500 euros in sales on each side you then qualify to receive 10% from your weakest leg for the week

The third and final bonus is the matching bonus. This is paid to only members who join at manager level (500 euro) and above or have reached the qualifying amount in sales and what that gives you is up to a 30% match on what is paid to your referrals in binary commissions.

If you like what you’ve read but would like more information you can get in contact with me directly on my facebook page here or if you have heard enough and are ready to start rocking your Dascoin destiny with the Million Dollar Destiny team sign up using the link below


Investments carry risk so do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. The Million Dollar Destiny team take no responsibility for loss of capital.

MDD risk level – MEDIUM RISK