We’ve always been a bit sceptical of many of the cryptocurrency mining opportunities that can be found online these days. Many are fraudulent. Others charge huge amounts in fees and you don’t even get to keep the equipment the companies buy with your money. For the most part these companies aren’t worth the investment.

So with that in mind we’ve been looking into many mining opportunities and what we’re looking at here is the best mining setup we’ve ever seen. This opportunity gives you more than anything out there by a mile and what’s best is you own the equipment. So here’s the deal:

– Cost of the equipment is around $2400 per rig (dependant on conversion rates to Polish Zloty)
– Minimum order with PGC is 10 rig units
– ETC (Ethereum Classic)  is the coin mined
– 170mhs operating power per rig
– Break even point should be around 4-5 months….maybe more, maybe less depending on price (compared with around 7-10 months elsewhere)
– Rigs fully maintained for you by the company for the duration of the time you wish to keep your rig at their facility
– After you reach break even point, 50% of profits go to company, 50% to user
– Legal and binding contracts will be issued (length of contracts are two years)
– Fully insured and legally sound site in Poland
– You own the rig, so you will get a receipt for parts purchased with serial number
– Evidence of mining can be provided
– 2 year contract, after that you can take your parts, or continue mining with them at the same rate for as long as you wish
– Take profit monthly, or compound to buy more rigs
– Payment via bank transfer or via btc (please contact us for details)
– Payout works out around 35-40 ETC monthly at the moment

Option available to mine other coins if preferred or just mine ETC (most profitable) and get paid in one of a few different cryptos…you choose (170mhs apparently gives around 10 litecoin a month…..$400 – Opposed to 40 ETC which is around $650). So at current rates 1 rig would give you about $325 a month when you hit the profit stage….seed back in your pocket in 4/5 months which is pretty darn fast for mining.  As an example, 5 rigs would cost about $12k, and would return seed in 4/5 months, then around $1575 per month profit FOR LIFE afterwards…if rates stay the same, so thats about 15% profit monthly with your investment back in your pocket

So as you can see this is next level huge potential for growth, huge potential for profits and the best part is… you own it! As stated above this is the best mining set up we’ve seen and having been involved in cloud mining ventures and other mining businesses this stands out as the most profitable and the most stable way of mining around and priced very competitively. To get involved today and make the best investment decision you made this year click the link below to get started or alternatively contact Johnny, Ste or Adrian for more information or help on what to do next.

Thanks for reading guys and as always feel free to subscribe and keep up to date with all things MDD and cryptocurrency.